Pt100 Temperature Transmitter

1. Use Pt100 or other thermal resistors as sensing element.
2. High accuracy, low power consumption, wide operating ambient temperature range.
3. Integrated construction, easy installation.
4. Use full metal sealed construction, coordinate high temperature radiation trough.
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Product Details

Pt100 Temperature Transmitter


UTB3 Pt100 temperature transmitter uses Pt100 thermal resistor as sensing element. The thermal resistor transforms the measured temperature into electrical signal, after this signal is processed, it will be amplified to 4~20mA or other standard simulated signals on industry scene.  UTB3 is made with integrated construction for the direct measurement of various of liquid, gas and solid’s surface temperature in the range of -200~500℃.

This Pt100 temperature transmitter is featured with good performance and stability. It is sealed with epoxy resin, this construction makes UTB3 have good ability on anti-shock and withstand high temperature, also have high mechanical strength , is suitable for the application in bad working condition.

UTB3-a  with Hirschmann connector.png       UTB3-a with LED display .jpg

          UTB3-a with Hirschmann(DIN) connector                                              UTB3-a with LED display

UTB3-a with water-proof connector.jpg       UTB3-b.jpg

         UTB3-a with water-proof connector                                                          UTB3-b


◆Use Pt100 or other thermal resistors as sensing element.

◆High accuracy; low power consumption wide; operating ambient temperature range.

◆Integrated construction, easy installation.

◆Use full metal sealed construction, coordinate high temperature radiation trough.


temperature measurement elementPt100 or other thermal resistors
measured mediumgas or liquid compatible to stainless steel
measured medium's temperature-200℃ ~+500℃
insert depth20~500mm can be made upon customer's request
output signal4~20mA(0~5V,1~5V option)
circuit working temperature range-30℃~80℃
storage temperature range-40℃~100℃
temperature limit120% of measured range
power supply10~30VDC(15~30VDC for products with indicator)
long term stability0.15%FS/year
load resistance>500Ω(24V supply)
circuit temperature shift<±0.2%FS/10℃
response time<1ms
process connectionG1/4 or others
electrical connectionhirchsmann connector
material of housingstainless steel

UTB3 Pt100 temperature transmitter has widely been used for temperature meansurement in such industries as petroleum industry, chemical industry, spinning and weaving, mine, medicine, electric power, environmental protection, municipal administration, food industry as well as scientific research and so on.