Water Temperature Transducer

Water Temperature Transducer

★ Adopting imported Class A thin film platinum resistors
★ Fast heat conduction
★ Easy and convenient.
★ Solid stainless steel column processing.
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Water Temperature Transducer

Model: UTC2


UTC2 water temperature transducer is specially designed for such equipments as compressor, refrigerator, or air compressor etc. It is mainly used in gathering system for real-time temperature gathering.

UTC2 water temperature transducer adopts imported Class A thin film platinum resistors, its solid state structure, shock resistance, and uniformity are very good. Solid stainless steel column processing with high intensity and good reliability. The probe is filled with sufficient elastic heat conduction silica gel, not only guarantees fast heat conduction, also avoid the extrusion thermal deformation to the platinum resistor, a further more improve the product ability of shock resistance.


★ Adopting imported Class A thin film platinum resistors;

★ Fast heat conduction;

★ Easy and convenient installation;

★ Solid stainless steel column processing.


measuring mediagas or liquids compitable stainless steel
thermal resistorPlatinum resistor 
temperature ranges-40~+200℃
insert depth≥10mm(as customer's request)
change rate of resistance with temperature 0.003851Ω/℃
long-term stability <0.15%FS/year
insulation resistance100MΩ@100VDC
temperature limit120%FS

This water temperature transducer has widely been used for temperature meansurement in such industries as petroleum industry, chemical industry, spinning and weaving, mine etc.