Pt100 Temperature Transducer

Pt100 Temperature Transducer

※ Anti-vibration, good stability, high accuracy.
※ Pt100, Pt1000 optional.
※ Explosion-proof: Exia II BT4 instrinsic safety).
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Pt100 Temperature Transducer

Model: UTC1


UTC1 thermal resistor Pt100 temperature transducer is working by using platinum resistance changes along with temperature varies, whose changes have such characteristic of certain functional relations to realize temperature measurement.

UTC1 Pt100 temperature transducer usually works together with display for temperature transmitters and computer systems, to measure the surface temperature of kinds of liquids, gas, or solids within -50℃~160℃ in many production process.


※ Anti-vibration, good stability, high accuracy;

※ Pt100, Pt1000 optional;

※ Explosion-proof: Exia II BT4 instrinsic safety)


measuring mediagas or liquids compitable stainless steel
thermal resistorPlatinum resistor 
temperature ranges-50℃~+600℃
insert depth≥10mm(as customer's request)
measuring element Pt100,Pt1000
resistance at 0℃ 100±0.06Ω
allowed deviation △℃class A+ (0.15+0.002|t|)
long-term stability <0.15%FS/year
thermal response time<30S
insulation resistance100MΩ@100VDC
let-through current≤5mA
explosive-proofExiaIIBT4, ExdIIBT4