HART Temperature Transmitter

1. Suitable for different temperature transmitter;
2. Compact size, integrated configuration, real-time display;
3. Simple operation, do not use HART communicator, zero and span adjustment, range-setting,and graduation input can be realized through the keys on panel;
4. Have self-diagnosis function, long-distance configuration;
5. Correcting precision & unit switching.
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Product Details

HART Temperature Transmitter


Based on the international most advanced digital integration technology, UTI5 HART temperature transmitter is a new generation intelligent meter for matching the demand of industry automatic controls. UTI5 is made with rigorous structure and artistic outlook. Its hardware uses few primary devices and do not have movable components like potentiometer and so on. This product is featured with simple operation, good reliability and high stability.

UTI5 HART temperature transmitter realizes communication through HART Protocol; it uses Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) technology according to industrial standard Bell202. Through using a high frequency signal on the 4-20mA output signal to realize long-distance communication.The configuration data is stored in the non-volatility EEPROM memory of transmitter's PCB. These data still could be saved even the power is off; therefore the transmitter can work immediately once it is powered.

UTI5 HART temperature transmitter is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgy industry, light industry, food industry electric power, energy management etc.

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                                  Front side                                                                   Back side


◆Suitable for different temperature transmitter;

◆Compact size, integrated configuration, real-time display;

◆Simple operation,  do not use HART communicator, zero and span adjustment, range-setting,and graduation input can be realized through the keys on panel;

◆Have self-diagnosis function, long-distance configuration;

◆Correcting precision & unit switching.


measuringgas or liquids compatible to stainless steel

temperature ranges

thermocouple:E:0~750℃; K:0~1200℃;S:0~1300℃; B:0~1600℃


insert depth20mm~2000mm(as customer's request)
output signal4~20mA with HART protocol
long-term stability<0.1%FS/year
supply voltage12~32V DC
insulation resistance100MΩ@50VDC
operating temperature range-30~+80℃
displayLCD digital indicator in ℃ unit
temperature coefficient of zero0.2%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.2%FS/10℃
process connectionM20×1.5 or others
electrical connectionM20×1.5 (female)
material of wetted part304 stainless steel
material of housingcast alaluminium
explosive-proofExia II BT4,Exd II BT4