Strain Gauge Pressure Transmitter

◆Range up to 5000bar.
◆Wide application scope long service life.
◆Good long term stability.
◆Anti-corrosion anti-attrition anti-impact.
◆Suitable for the measurement of middle pressure and high pressure.
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Product Details

Strain Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Description of strain gauge pressure transmitter

UPB7 strain gauge pressure transmitter uses advanced metal foil strain gauges as sensing element. Those strain gauges consist a Wheatstone bridge and can feel the changes of the strain gauge’s resistance and convert these changes to “mV”electrical signal, the  signal will be amplified to standard current or voltage output after it is conducted by the special amplifiers.

As the sizes of strain gauges are very small and can be designed so many different types to suit different situations. the application of UPB7 strain gauge pressure transmitter is very wide these days, it is suitable for the measurement of middle pressure and high pressure.

Features of strain gauge pressure transmitter

◆range up to 5000bar

◆Wide application scope long service life 

◆Good long term stability

◆Anti-corrosion anti-attrition anti-impact

◆Suitable for the measurement of middle pressure and high pressure

Specifications of strain gauge pressure transmitter

pressure mediumgas or liquid compatible to 17-4PH stainless steel
pressure ranges0~40bar...5000bar
overload pressure 150%FS
output signal4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V
accuracy0.25%FS , 0.5%FS
load resistance RL=(U-9V)/0.02A (4~20mA current output U—loop voltage (V)
long-term stability <0.2%FS/year
supply voltage9~36VDC
compensated temperature range-10~+60℃
operating temperature range-20~80℃
storage temperature range-30~100℃
temperature coefficient of zero0.25%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.25%FS/10℃
insulation resistance 100MΩ@50VDC
process connectionG1/4 or others
electrical connectionhirschmann or others
material of wetted part17-4PH
material of pressure membrane17-4PH
material of housing1Cr18Ni9Ti