Pressure and Temperature Transmitter

★Measure temperature and pressure simultaneously, save cost.
★Anti impact vibration resistance.
★Compact size easy installation.
★High accuracy good stability.
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Product Details

Pressure and Temperature Transmitter

Description of pressure and temperature transmitter

UTB5 pressure and temperature transmitter is made by using isolated pressure sensor, temperature sensor and special amplifying circuit. This transmitter transforms the pressure and temperature of the measured medium to 4~20mA or other standard signal separately. By using integrated construction, UTB5 can measure pressure and temperature of one spot simultaneously, it is suitable for use in the place where requires not only pressure measurement, but also temperature measurement simultaneously.

UTB5  pressure and temperature transmitterhas been widely used in scientific research, war industry, petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy machinery, and environmental protection, like oil well temperature pressure measurement, diesel engine etc.

Features of pressure and temperature transmitter

★Measure temperature and pressure simultaneously, save cost;

★Anti impact vibration resistance;

★Compact size easy installation;

★High accuracy good stability.

Specifications of pressure and temperature transmitter

measured temperature range0 ℃ ~+140 ℃
measuring accuracy of temperature0.5%FS, 1%FS
output signal of temperature4~20mA
measured pressure range0~10...400bar
measuring accuracy of pressure 0.25%, 0.5%FS
output signal of pressure4~20mA (0~5V,1~5V optional)
working temperature range-20℃ ~+85 ℃
compensated temperature range-10 ℃ ~+70 ℃
storage temperature range-40℃ ~+125 ℃ 
power supply12~32VDC
load resistance >500Ω (24V supply)
process connectionG1/2 or others
electrical connectionhirchsmann connector or others
material of housingstainless steel