Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter

●Full digital circuit, good performance.
●High cost performance, highly cost-effective.
●Wide measuring pressure range:-1...0~0.1...1000bar.
●Strong anti-jamming.
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Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter


UPB13 piezoresistive pressure transmitter uses UPX19 piezo-resistive silicon sensor as sensing element. It adopts the newest DSP digital signal conditioning algorithm circuit, which is featured with high anti-jamming & anti-impact performance, and good non-linearity correction for sensors. This makes the piezoresistive pressure transmitter have excellent linearity caracteristicas. UPB13 piezoresistive pressure transmitter is designed with full stainless steel construction, and its installation is very easy. It is a good cost- effective product.


●Full digital circuit, good performance

●High cost performance, highly cost-effective

●Wide measuring pressure range:-1...0~0.1...1000bar

●Strong anti-jamming


pressure mediumgas or liquid compatible with stainless steel
pressure ranges-1...0~0.1...1000bar
overload pressure 150%FS
output signal4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V
accuracy0.25%FS ,0.5%FS
load resistanceRL =(U-9V)/0.02A(4~20mA current output) U—loop voltage(V) 
supply voltage9~36VDC
compensated temperature range-10~70℃
operating temperature range-30~+100℃
measured media temperature range-40~+125℃
process connectionG1/4 or others
electrical connectionhirschmann connector or others
material of wetted part304 stainless steel
material of pressure membrane316L stainless steel
material of housing304 stainless steel

UPB13 piezoresistive pressure transmitter is widely used for pressure measurement and control of petroleum, chemical-industry, metallurgy, power station and hydrology, etc.