Oil Pressure Transmitter

Oil Pressure Transmitter

◆Suitable for the measurement of high temperature (max. 175℃,low temperature, and normal temperature medium.
◆Reliable performance, good long-term stability.
◆Anti-impact, anti-vibration, anti-corrosive.
◆Reversed polar protection and current limiting protection.
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Product Details

 Oil Pressure Transmitter

Decription of Oil pressure transmitter

UPB8 oil pressure transmitter is designed for the measurement of high temperature medium, it uses special pressure sensors whose pressure diaphragm can be contacted by pressure medium directly. This product uses temperature radiation to isolate its amplifying circuits, this not only guarantees UPB8's small volume and good performance, but also make this product enhance the measured medium temperature range.

UPB8 oil pressure transmitter presently is widely used for measurement of high temperature gas or liquid in aerospace, petroleum chemical industry, electric power, food etc.

Features of oil pressure transmitter

◆Suitable for the measurement of high temperature (max. 175℃, low temperature, and normal temperature medium)

◆Reliable performance, good long-term stability

◆Anti-impact, anti-vibration, anti-corrosive

Specifications of oil pressure transmitter

pressure mediumgas or liquid compatible to stainless steel
pressure ranges-1...0~0.1bar...1000bar
pressure type gauge(G), absolute(A), sealed gauge(S)
output signal4~20mA, 1~5V
accuracy0.25%FS, 0.5%FS(standard)
load resistance RL=(U-10V)/0.02A(4~20mA output) U—loop voltage(V)
supply voltage10~30VDC
operating temperature range-40~+120℃
medium temperature range-40~+175℃
process connectionG1/2 or others
electrical connectionhirschmann connector or others
material of wetted part and housing1Cr18Ni9Ti