0-10V Pressure Transmitter

0-10V Pressure Transmitter

●Full welding construction suitable for hard working conditions.
●High performance, all solid, corrosion resistant.
●Strong anti-interference ability, long - term stability.
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Product Details

0-10V Pressure Transmitter

Description of 0-10V pressure transmitter

UPB11 full welded 0~10V pressure transmitter is made based on silicon piezoresistive technology, The pressure sensor UPX19 with isolated stainless steel diaphragm is welded directly on the transmitter base. Full stainless steel welding construction make the product avoid the unreliable sealing problem due to medium incompatible with o-rings or O-ring aging.

This product has various output forms (including various analog models and RS485 digital signals etc.)

UPB11 0~10V pressure transmitter is widely used for pressure measurement and control of petroleum, chemical-industry, metallurgy, power station and hydrology, etc.

Features of 0-10V pressure transmitter

●Full welding construction suitable for hard working conditions

●High performance, all solid, corrosion resistant

●Strong anti-interference ability, long - term stability

Specifications of 0-10V pressure transmitter

pressure mediumgas or liquid compatible to stainless steel
pressure ranges-1...0~0.1...1000bar
pressure typegauge(G), absolute(A), sealed gauge(S)
output signal4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V,0.5~4.5V
accuracy0.1%FS,0.25%FS(standard), 0.5%FS
supply voltage12~32VDC
process connectionG1/4 or others
electrical connectionDIN43650 or others
material of wetted part and housing1Cr18Ni9Ti
material of pressure membrane316L
sealing welded