Oil Pressure Transducer

●Good long-term stability under high temperature.
●High accuracy,small temperature drift.
●Using sputtering technics to make pressure sensing element, the max. working temperature reaches 180 degree c.
●Long service lift, pressure cycle reaches more than one million times.
●Anti-vibration, impact resistance, moisture-proof
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Oil Pressure Transducer


UPC9 sputtered thin- film oil pressure transducer is manufactured based on sputtering technics. The pressure medium can act on 17-4PH stainless steel diaphragm directly. The transducer's "micro" level resistance film is made by means of molecular bonding, then to be made to the needed Wheatstone bridge by microelectronics technology , and to form a metal- type sensing elements without using any adhesives. Therefore the transducer has no any moving parts, also do not need sealed chamber and oil-filled cavity. 

UPC9 oil pressure transducer is featured with good long-term stability for working is harsh environments.

UPC9 oil pressure transducer is a high-performance product and designed for oil well logging, well testing and pressure gauge application especially. It can work stably under high temperature, and have good ability on anti-vibration, impact resistance, moisture-proof.


●Good long-term stability under high temperature

●High accuracy,small temperature drift

●Using sputtering technics to make pressure sensing element, the max. working temperature reaches 180 degree c

●Long service lift, pressure cycle reaches more than one million times

●Anti-vibration, impact resistance, moisture-proof


pressure mediumgas or liquids compatible with 17-4PH stainless steel
pressure ranges0~5...2200bar
overload pressure 200%FS
ultimate overload pressure1000%FS
output signal1mV/V~4mV/V (determined by pressure range)
accuracy0.25%FS(standard), 0.5%FS
zero offset  <0.5mV
long-term stability<0.1%FS/year
excitation3 ~20VDC
operating temperature range-55℃ ~180 ℃ 
storage temperature range-55℃ ~180 ℃ 
temperature coefficient of zero0.005%FS/℃
temperature coefficient of span0.005%FS/℃
input resistance3~ 4kΩ
output resistance2.8~3.8kΩ
electrical connection4-color high temperature wire or Pg7 connector
process connectionM10×1 or others
material of wetted part316
impact20G , 11msec , ½ sine
shake10G peak , 20 2400 Hz

UPC9 oil pressure transducer has been widely used for pressure measurement in harsh environments such as oil well logging, well testing, digital pressure gauge, internal combustion engines, compressors, high pressure testing machine etc.