Liquid Pressure Transducer

Liquid Pressure Transducer

●Based on MEMS silicon chips.
●High accuracy, high stability, high reliability.
●Flush structure, good dynamic frequency response.
●Wide measuring ranges.
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Liquid Pressure Transducer

Description of liquid pressure transducer

Based on MEMS technology, UPC4 high frequency liquid pressure transducer uses integrated silicon diaphragm as sensing element. UPC4's effective size is small, and because of the silicon's fine elasticity characteristic, in addition to the transducer's flush structure, therefore, UPC4's dynamic frequency response is extremely high (max. 1MHz), it may response to the lowest to zero frequency, highest to almost natural frequency, and the level rising time is only microsecond. The overall performance of UPC4 liquid pressure transducer surpasses piezoelectric dynamic pressure transducer.

UPC4 high frequency liquid pressure transducer has been widely applied in scientific experiments as military engineering, melt exploding experiment, petroleum, oil well logging, material, mechanics, construction engineering, soil and rock mechanics, the wound medicine, hydraulic pressure power generator experiments, and in the modernization instruments and meters, it is the first choice for dynamic pressure measurement.

Features of liquid pressure transducer

Based on MEMS silicon chips

High accuracy, high stability, high reliability

Flush structure, good dynamic frequency response

Wide measuring ranges

Specifications of liquid pressure transducer

dynamic frequency max. 1MHz
pressure mediumgas or liquid compatible to stainless steel
pressure ranges0~0.1bar...600bar
pressure type gauge(G), sealed gauge(S)
overload pressure≥ 150%FS
output signal80±20mV
accuracy0.25%FS, 0.5%FS(standard)
zero offset  ≤ ±2mV
long-term stability <0.2%FS/year
excitation1.5mA or 10 VDC
compensated temperature range-10~70℃
operating temperature range-30~100℃
storage temperature range-40~100℃
temperature coefficient of zero0.3%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.3%FS/10℃
input/output resistance1~6kΩ
insulation resistance 100MΩ@50VDC
process connectionM20×1.5 or others
electrical connectionself-locking structure or other
material of wetted part1Cr18Ni9Ti
material of housing1Cr18Ni9Ti