Silicon Pressure Sensor

1. Computer tested, high precise compensation.
2. Good performance, high reliability.
3. Imported pressure silicon dies.
4. Isolated-type structure, suitable for many kinds of media measurement.
5. Pressure range: -1...0~0.2...100 bar.
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Product Details

Silicon Pressure Sensor


Based on silicon piezoresistive technology, UPX6-a, -b, and -c are manufactured by adopting high quality piezoresistive silicon chips.

UPX6-a silicon pressure sensor is the ultra-thin design based on UPX19 foundation.

UPX6-b silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor is manufactured by using UPX-19's manufacturing techniques. It is designed for application of high pressure situation. Its small diameter causes  the strength on the sensor body reduce greatly after installation.

UPX6-c silicon pressure sensor is manufactured by using UPX-19's manufacturing techniques. Except their outer diameters and lengths, other technical specifications of these sensors are completely same.


◇Computer tested, high precise compensation

◇Good performance, high reliability

◇Imported pressure silicon dies

◇Isolated-type structure, suitable for many kinds of media measurement


pressure mediumgas or liquid compatible to stainless steel

pressure ranges

-1...0~0.2...100 bar (UPX6-a  G, A, S)                                  

0~10...1000 bar      (UPX6-b A, S)                                        

-1...0~0.4...400bar  (UPX6-c G A S)

pressure typegauge(G), absolute(A), sealed gauge(S)
overload pressure150%FS
output signal≥70mV(typical)
accuracy0.25%FS(standard), 0.5%FS
zero offset≤±2mV
long-term stability<0.2%FS/year
excitation1.5mA or 10V DC (1.5mA standard)
compensated temperature range-10~+70℃
operating temperature range-40~+100℃
storage temperature range-40~+100℃
temperature coefficient of zero0.2%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.2%FS/10℃
input/output resistance2~6kΩ
insulation resistance100MΩ@50VDC
electrical connection6 pin or 4wires
material of pressure membrane and housing316L

UPX6 silicon pressure sensor is widely used in process control in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, astronautics, medical equipment, automobile etc.