Metal Capacitive Pressure Sensor

1. All-welded structure, suitable for measuring many kinds of media.
2. Isolated diaphragm material: 316L, Hustelloy-C, Monel, Tantalum.
3. Measuring ranges: -100...0kPa~1.6kPa...40000kpa.
4. System pressure up to 312bar for differential applications.
5. Pressure type: gauge pressure, absolute pressure, micro differential pressure and differential pressure.
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Metal Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Model: UPX3351 


UPX3351 metallic capacitive pressure sensor uses two plate capacitors as  sensitive elements. The sensor is a complete welded-sealing module, the  processing pressure is transmitted to the diaphragm of sensitive element  through isolated diaphragm and filled silicon oil, to cause the capacity boards  displacement to change, thus makes the changes of capacitive signal. 

UPX3351 can output capacitance signal directly, simultaneously the  amplified circuit can also be installed in sensor's neck, to make it have 4~20mA standard output signal. 

UPX3351 is widely used in drugs manufacturing, food industry as well as  environmental protection etc.  


*All-welded structure, suitable for measuring many kinds of media;

*Isolated diaphragm material: 316L, Hustelloy-C, Monel, Tantalum;

*Measuring ranges: -100…0kPa~1.6kPa…40MPa;

*System pressure up to 312bar for differential applications;

*Pressure type: gauge pressure,absolute pressure, micro differential  pressure and differential pressure 


pressure medium gas or liquids compatible with316L,Hastelloy-C,Tantalum or Monel  
pressure ranges-100...0kPa~1.6kPa...40000kpa
pressure typegauge(G), absolute(A), differential(D) 
system pressure 

10MPa for differential pressure, 4MPa for micro differential pressure

32MPa for high system pressure differential pressure

output signal capacitive signal or 4~20mA 
accuracy ±0.2%FS(standard),0.5%FS 
long-term stability <0.2%FS/year 
system pressure effect on zero0.5%FS 
operating temperature range -40~+100℃
storage temperature range -40~+120℃ 
temperature coefficient of zero0.25%FS/55℃
temperature coefficient of span0.5%FS/55℃ 
insulation resistance 500MΩ@100VDC
diaphragm material 316L, option: Hastelloy-C, Tantalum or Monel 
electrical interface 

5 colored PVC wires of differential capacitive signal and temperature signal 

2 colored PVC insulated wires of 4~20mA current loop 

filled oilsilicone oil