Differential Pressure Sensor

1. Good performance, high reliability.
2. Imported pressure silicon dies.
3. Integrated, high static pressure 200bar.
4. Isolated-type structure, suitable for many kinds of medium measurement.
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Product Details

Differential Pressure Sensor

Model: UPX30


Based on piezoresistive silicon technology, UPX30 differential pressure sensor is manufactured from piezoresistive silicon dies. This differential pressure sensor has two flush diaphragms facing the pressure medium, it is able to measure differential pressure of gas or liquids. The diaphragm form a chamber, in which oil is filled to isolate the sensing element and transfer pressure. The measured differential pressure is transmitted to the piezoresistive silicon sensing element through 316L isolated diaphragm and internal medium, thus to realize the precise transformation of electrical signal from pressure. This isolation enables the sensor to measure the pressures of corrosive fluids as well as electro conductive liquids.

UPX30 differential pressure sensor is tested by computer automatically, and is compensated by compensation board for zero and sensitivity. Its profile and assembly size have good interchangeability with some overseas' general products.


◇Good performance, high reliability

◇Imported pressure silicon dies

◇Integrated, high static pressure 200bar

◇Isolated-type structure, suitable for many kinds of medium measurement


pressure mediumgas or viscous fluid or fluid with grains compatible to stainless steel
pressure ranges0~0.2,0~0.35,0~0.7,0~1,0~2.5,0~4,0~6,0~10,0~16,0~25,0~35(bar)
pressure typedifferential
overload pressure250%FS(positive end),100%FS(negative end)
system pressure1000%FS  or 10MPa (select the lower)
output signal≥70mV(typical)
accuracy0.25%FS(standard), 0.5%FS
zero offset≤±3mV
system pressure effect≤0.5mV/MPa
excitation1.5mA or 5V DC (1.5mA standard)
compensated temperature range-10~+70℃(0~60℃ for range 0.2bar,0.35bar)
operating temperature range-40~+125℃
storage temperature range-40~+125℃
temperature coefficient of zero0.2%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.2%FS/10℃
input/output resistance2~6kΩ
insulation resistance100MΩ@50VDC
response time(10%~90%)≤1ms
electrical connection4 color silicon rubber shielded flexible wires
housing and diaphragm material316L stainless steel
filled oilsilicon oil
service life>1×10^8 times

UPX30 differential pressure sensor is designed for easy installation with O-rings as sealing method, it is widely used for differential pressure measurement in many industrial process control areas.