RS485 Pressure Transmitter

●Using digital compensation technology and non-linearity revision technology.
●Advanced circuit design and software design.
●HART protocol or MODBUS protocol (Rs485 interface) ,high accuracy, good long-term stability.
●Digital communication technology.
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Product Details

RS485 Pressure Transmitter

Description of RS485 pressure transmitter

UIB1 digital RS485 pressure transmitter is new generation digital transmitter, it is an intelligent pressure transmitter with high accuracy & stability for pressure measurement. This product is designed by using the newest achievements of digital techniques in the sensor manufacturing domain, and the design techniques of the most advanced piezoresistive pressure transmitter, as well as precise digital temperature compensation and non-linearity compensation technology.

UIB1 digital RS485 pressure transmitter uses ultra low power monolithic and the high accuracy power source management electric circuit, which is advantageous for the computer system to carry on the data transmission through the digital interface, thus to realize the transmitter's digitization.

UIB1 digital RS485 pressure transmitter has already widely been used in scientific research and petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, electric power etc.

Pictures of RS485 pressure transmitter

UIB1-3.png UIB1-12.png

Features of RS485 pressure transmitter

● Using digital compensation technology and non-linearity revision technology.

● Advanced circuit design and software design.

● HART protocol or MODBUS protocol (Rs485 interface) ,high accuracy, good long-term stability.

● This RS485 pressure transmitter has digital communication technology.

Specifications of RS485 pressure transmitter

pressure mediumgas or liquid compatible to stainless steel
pressure ranges-1...0bar~0.1...1000bar
pressure type gauge(G), absolute(A), sealed gauge(S), differential(D)
overload pressure150%FS
output signalDigital signal or digital signal with 4/20mA analog signal
communicationMODBUS RTU protocol RS485 interface or HART protocol
accuracy0.1%FS,0.25%FS(standard), 0.5%FS
load resistance  RL=(U-12V)/0.02A U:loop voltage(V)
long-term stability <0.2%FS/year
supply voltage12~36VDC
compensated temperature range-10~70℃
operating temperature range-30~100℃
storage temperature range-40~120℃
temperature coefficient of zero0.2%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.2%FS/10℃
insulation resistance100MΩ@50VDC
process connectionG1/2 or others
electrical connectionhirschmann connector or others
material of wetted part1Cr18Ni9Ti
material of pressure membrane316L
material of housing1Cr18Ni9Ti