Tension and Compression Load Cell

◆Capacity: 30~1000kg.
◆Aluminium alloy.
◆Compression load cell, easy installation.
◆Low cost ,high precision.
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Product Details

Tension and Compression Load Cell

Features of tension and compression load cell

Capacity: 30~1000kg

◆Aluminium alloy

◆Compression load cell, easy installation

◆Low cost ,high precision

Specifications of tension and compression load cell

output1.5 0.3mV/V
combined error0.03%FS
non-linearity ±0.03%FS
hysteresis ±0.03%FS
zero unbalance±1%FS
excitation voltage5VDC~15VDC
operating temperature range-35~+80℃
comperature temperature range-10~+40℃
temperature coefficient of zero0.05%FS/10℃
temperature coefficient of span0.1%FS/10℃
input resistance770±10Ω
output resistance700±3Ω
insulation resistance≥ 5000MΩ@50VDC
safe overload120%FS
ultimate overload150%FS
electrical interface4-core shielded cable, diameter:4.2mm, length:3.5m
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