What should we pay attention to when use the digital pressure gauges?

- Jul 04, 2019-

★ The general verification period of the digital pressure gauge is half a year. Mandatory verification is a legal measure to ensure the reliable performance, the accurate transmission and the effective safe production guaranty of the digital pressure gauge.

★ The pressure range of the digital pressure gauge should not exceed 60 to 70% of the scale limit.

★If the measured medium is corrosive, we must select different elastic component materials according to the specific temperature and concentration parameters of the corrosive medium, otherwise the intended testing performance will not be achieved.

★ Diameter of the dial helps the operator to accurately see the pressure value, thus the dial diameter of the digital pressure gauge should not be too small. If the digital pressure gauge is installed higher or farther away from the obeservation point , the diameter of the dial should be increased.

★ It is necessary to do the daily attention to the use of maintenance, regular inspections, cleaning and record the use of the situation. The digital pressure gauge can work as usual in a vibrating environment for a long time, and the display is intuitive without causing visual errors; however, the conventional electric contact pressure gauges cannot do this.