What should be considered when use differential pressure transmitters?-1

- Oct 30, 2019-

(1) When designing and installing, the pressure tapping hole at the bottom of the tank should be considered as low as possible to eliminate some errors caused by temperature changes, and temperature compensation should be introduced if necessary.

(2) In the case where the horizontal section of the tank is not equal (For example, the top is small and the bottom is big), compensation measures should be considered. For example, the secondary meter liquid level-capacity controller is used.

(3) In order to achieve a certain accuracy, if a breathing valve is installed on the top of the tank, a differential pressure transmitter UPB5 must be used instead of a pressure transmitter. For open oil tanks or when the accuracy is not high, pressure transmitters can be used directly for easy installation.

(4) The secondary meter should use the smart meter as much as possible, which can easily change the range and realize temperature compensation. The differential pressure transmitter is a differential pressure transmitter that measures the differential pressure value. It is used to measure the differential pressure of the liquid, gas or vapor level, and convert the differential pressure signal into a 4-20 mAor other signal outputs, then display the differential pressure value through the display instrument.

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