What should be considered when install the submersible level transmitter

- Jun 14, 2019-

1.  Confirm the power supply and the output is correct; the positive and negative of the power supply correspond to the positive and negative wiring of the product; the maximum height of the liquid level is within the range of the level sensor;

2.  The pressure sensor inside the probe is a precise element. Please do not disassemble it when using and do not touch the diaphragm of the level transmitter to avoid damage to the product.

3.  Please avoid wires and vented tube of the level sensor being soaked by water.

4.  Please avoid the cable of the liquid level transmitter ULB6 being cut by a knife or other sharp metal objects, then causing damage to the level transmitter;

5.  The deep well level transmitter ULB16 should use the special ferrule of the matching oil pipe (water pipe) to fix the cable to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged. The sensor part should be installed vertically, avoiding impurities such as sediment embedding or blocking the probe part of the transmitter;

6.  The three-way outlet part is filled with special sealing rubber pad and sealant, and the squeeze nut is tightened with a wrench to prevent leakage of water or gas.

7.  Lead the entire signal line to the inside of the power distribution cabinet to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the cable and causing damage. The submersible level transmitter is used for the measurement of hydrology, seismic monitoring wells and reservoir dams etc;

8.  When the transmitter is used for underground measurement alone, if the cable length is more than 100 meters, an additional load-bearing steel wire rope should be added, together with the signal cable to go down the well to prevent the signal cable from being damaged due to excessive force.

Please contact Qi Huang for more details.