What features will you consider when choose a silicon pressure transmitter?-4

- May 29, 2019-

1. The pressure transmitter needs to maintain stability after working overtime

Most transmitters will have zero and full span drift after overtime work, so it is necessary to understand the stability of the transmitter before purchasing, which will reduce the troubles that may arise in future use.

2. Transmitter package. 

The package of the transmitter, especially the frame is often overlooked. In the purchase of the pressure transmitter UPB13, we must consider the following aspects: the future working environment of the transmitter, the humidity, the installation method, whether there will be strong impact or vibration so that we can purchase the suitable pressure transmitters UPB1.

3. What kind of connection is used between the pressure transmitter and other electronic devices? 

Is it necessary to use a short-distance connection? If a long-distance connection is used, is it necessary to use a connector?

4. Others

After confirming the above parameters, we must confirm the process connection and the supply voltage of the pressure transmitter UPB9;  if it is used under special occasions, it should also consider the explosion-proof feature and protection grade.

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