The installation location selection of intelligent pressure transmitter-2

- Sep 16, 2020-

4. When measuring the pressure of turbid media with dust, solid particles or sediment on the vertical process pipeline, the source component should be installed obliquely upwards; on the horizontal process pipeline, it should be installed at an acute angle along the stream.

5. The installation location of the intelligent pressure transmitter UIB6-D should be as close as possible to the source component. The installation height of the transmitter for measuring low pressure should be consistent with the height of the pressure point.

6. When measuring the pressure of the gas medium, the digital pressure transmitter UIB1 installation position should be higher than the pressure point.

In addition, when measuring high temperature steam, in order to block the heat convection conduction of the medium, to prevent the smart pressure transmitter from contacting high temperatures, a pressure tube must be installed.

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