The explanation of parameters of pressure sensor

- Apr 25, 2019-

There are many types of pressure sensors, and their performance is also quite different. How to choose a more suitable sensor? We can check from the following aspects:

1. Rated pressure range

The rated pressure range is the pressure range that meets the standard values. That is, between the highest and lowest pressure, a pressure range that sensor’s output meets the specified operating characteristics. In practical applications, the pressure measured by the sensor is within this range. The highest pressure range for the pressure sensor UPB1 can reach 500MPa or more at present.

2. Maximum pressure range

The maximum pressure range is the maximum pressure that the sensor can withstand for a long time without causing permanent changes in output characteristics. In particular, semiconductor pressure sensors generally have a significant reduction in the rated pressure range in order to improve linearity and temperature characteristics. Therefore, even if it is used continuously above the rated pressure, it will not be damaged. The general maximum pressure is 2-3 times of the highest rated pressure.

3. Damage pressure

Damage pressure refers to the maximum pressure that can be machined on the pressure sensor UPX7 without damaging the element or housing of the sensor.

4. Linearity

Linearity is the maximum deviation of the linear relationship between pressure sensor UPC1 output and pressure under the operating pressure range. 

5. Pressure hysteresis

Under room temperature, it is the output difference of pressure sensor UPC7 when approaching a certain pressure from the minimum working pressure and the maximum working pressure at operating pressure range.

6. Temperature range

The temperature range of the pressure sensor is divided into a compensated temperature range and an operating temperature range. The compensated temperature range is the temperature range that the accuracy enters into the rated range due to the temperature compensation. The operating temperature range is the temperature range that ensures that the pressure sensor UPB2 is working properly.

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