Six points should be paid attention to when choosing a pressure transmitter:

- Jul 22, 2020-

1. Pressure transmitter UPB1 range: the smaller pressure and the larger pressure difference to be measured. Generally, pressure transmitters have an overload capacity of 1.5 times.

2. Operating temperature range: the lowest and highest operating temperature. Generally, it is -20~80℃, if the temperature is higher, the cooling measures are needed.

3. The medium to be measured: With the different medium to be measured, the requirements for the pressure transmitter UPB9 are different. Such as acid and alkali resistance, ceramic sensors are better. Acid and alkali resistance of the shell etc.

4. Measurement accuracy: 0.5% accuracy is for general use occasions. If high accuracy is required, 0.2% or 0.1% measurement accuracy can be required.

5. Output signal: it is the signal can be received by the relevant secondary instrument. Most of them use 4~20mA, and there are other output signals such as 0~5V, 0~10V or RS485 etc.

6. Thread size: According to the customer's site conditions, the corresponding thread size is processed.

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