Several factors that interfere with pressure transmitters

- Dec 12, 2019-

1. Electrostatic induction

Electrostatic induction is due to the existence of parasitic capacitance between two branch circuits or components. The charge on one branch is transferred to the other branch through the parasitic capacitance, so it is also called capacitive coupling.

2. Electromagnetic induction

When there is mutual inductance between two circuits, the change of current in one circuit will be coupled to the other circuit through the magnetic field. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction. For example, magnetic leakage of transformers and coils, energized parallel wires, etc.

3. Leakage current induction

Due to the poor insulation of component brackets, terminals, printed circuit boards, capacitors' internal media, or housings within electronic circuits, especially when the operating environment of the pressure transmitter UPB1 is relatively humid, the insulation resistance of the insulator is reduced, and the addition of leakage current will cause the disturb. Especially when the leakage current flows into the input stage of the measurement circuit, its influence is particularly serious.

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