Selection Guide of Pressure Sensor

- Apr 29, 2019-

Pressure sensors are one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial applications. Generally, the output of the ordinary pressure sensor UPB13 is an analog signal, and the analog signal means that the information parameter appears as a continuous signal within a given range. Or, in a continuous time interval, the feature quantity representing the information may be presented as any arbitrary value signal at any instant. The pressure sensors we usually use are mainly made by the piezoelectric effect. Such sensors are also called piezoelectric pressure sensors.

Usually when you choose the pressure senor UPB1, you need to know the following common sense:

1>Brand misunderstanding: Many times many people think that domestic products are not easy to use, or even can not be used.

2>Accuracy misunderstanding: When you choose a product, you always think that accuracy is the most important feature; in fact, from a certain perspective: the stability is more important than the accuracy of a product, and the precision selection should be based on high stability .

3>The Pursuit of cheapness: good quality and cheap is what everyone wants to see; but in fact, the price of high-quality products will be relatively higher.

4>Choose the right range, the right accuracy, the appropriate installation method, and the appropriate output method.


Also have the following common sense when you use the pressure sensors UPB2:

1. Check the size of the mounting hole and keep the mounting hole clean;

2. Select the appropriate location to install properly;

3. Carefully clean and keep dry;

4. Avoid high and low temperature interference, high and low frequency interference, and static interference;

5. Prevent pressure overload;

Pressure sensor UIB6 is widely used in various industrial self-control environments, involving water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent building, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil well, electric power, ships, machine tools, pipelines and many other industries, so it is very necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of it.

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