Possible causes and solutions of the pressure transmitter output being too low or no output

- Sep 02, 2020-

(1) Loop failure

1. Check whether the electrical circuit has short circuit, open circuit and multi-point grounding.

2. Check the connection line polarity and loop impedance. Note that voltage higher than 100V cannot be used when checking the circuit.

(2) Pressure transmission component failure

1. Check whether the pressure pipeline connection of the pressure transmitter UPB2 is correct.

2. Check for leaks and blockages.

3. Check for deposits in the liquid-filled pressure pipe.

4. Check for deposits in the flange.

(3) Failure of electrical connection parts

1.Check whether the leads of sensitive components are short-circuited.

2. Ensure that the connectors are clean and reliable, and check the wiring of sensitive components.

3. Check whether the pins are reliably connected to the shell.

(4) Check whether the test diode is burned out

Replace the diode or short-circuit the test terminal.

(5) Circuit board failure

1. Check the defective circuit board of the pressure transmitter UPB1 with spare parts.

2. Replace the faulty circuit board.

3. Inspect sensitive components

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