Key points for selection of diffused silicon pressure transmitter-2

- Sep 16, 2020-

The third is the wiring method. There are three main wiring methods for pressure transmitter UPB7: Hirschmann connector, aviation plug, and direct lead. . The selection is depends on the site selection. Generally, Hirschmann connector uses more. The Hirschmann connector has better protection; the aviation plug is easy to replace, and the wiring is convenient; the direct lead size is small and easy to install. It can also be displayed.

The fourth is whether the interchangeability is required. Determine whether the required transmitter can accommodate multiple use systems. If the product has good interchangeability, even if the transmitter is replaced, the entire system will not be affected.

The other is to understand the installation thread, power supply, and output signal. Pay attention to temperature compensation when applying diffused silicon pressure transmitter UPB9. The diffused silicon pressure sensor is a semiconductor, which has a strong temperature characteristic. Without temperature compensation, the measurement error may be relatively large; do no touch the membrane of the pressure sensor; the supply voltage should be stable and the output terminal should not be short-circuited.

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