How to solve the trouble of pressure transmitter quickly

- Oct 21, 2020-

1. Replacement: prepare a normal pressure transmitter UPB13 to replace the suspected malfunction directly, so that it can be easily and quickly determined whether the failure of the pressure transmitter itself or the pipeline or other equipments.

2. Disconnection method: separate the suspected faulty part from the other parts to see if the fault is gone, and if so, determine where the fault is, otherwise, the next step can be found, such as: when the intelligent pressure transmitter UIB6 can not communicate remotely normally, disconnect the power from the instrument body and add additional power to the field, the transmitter is electrified to see if the cable is superimposed on an electromagnetic signal of about 2 kHz to interfere with the communication.

3. Short circuit detection: under the condition of ensuring safety, the relevant parts of the circuit are connected directly, such as: when the output value of the differential transmitter is small UPB5, disconnect the pressure guide pipe, the differential pressure signal can be directly led to the pressure transmitter on both sides of the pressure transmitter from the primary pressure valve, and the transmitter output can be observed to judge the plugging and leakage connectivity of the pressure guide line.

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