How to select a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor?

- Nov 05, 2019-

1. Determination of product range

From the perspective of product safety, it is generally preferred that the working pressure value is 60%-80% of the standard range value. The overload pressure that may occur in the entire measuring system shall not exceed the max. overload allowed by the product. When measure the fluid pressure of a dynamic pipeline, the water sag effect should also be considered to increase the product load appropriately if necessary.

2. The selection of product accuracy

When select a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor UPB1, the accuracy level should be determined based on the large error option assigned to the sensor by the measurement system. Additional errors introduced by the zero time drift, zero and full temperature coefficients should sometimes be considered.

3. The selection of pressure type

According to the nature of the pressure measured by the user, the user should firstly determines the pressure type from the gauge pressure (relative to the local atmospheric pressure), differential pressure, absolute pressure or negative pressure. If the level is measured, determine if there is free atmospheric pressure above the level or sealed container pressure. If you measure the liquid level in a sealed pressure vessel, a differential pressure sensor should be used.

4. Temperature compensation

The operating temperature range of the sensors has been linearly temperature compensated before delivery. Some transmitters perform integrated temperature compensation after the circuit is assembled. For users who use a wide temperature range and require a high total accuracy, software can also be used to perform temperature error correction in the secondary instrument data processing. Exceeding the compensation zone, the temperature coefficient indicator may exceed the standard one, but it can still be used. Long-term operation in the temperature limit area, product life will be greatly shortened.

5. Matching with the measured medium

The process connection and housing of the pressure sensors and transmitters are produced from a variety of different materials and have different media compatibility. In order to obtain better use effect and prevent product damage due to media mismatch, the user should specify the exact name, concentration and temperature of the media when select the sensor.

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