How to choose the installation location of pressure transmitter?

- Jul 02, 2020-

Due to the needs of the manufacturing process and occasional economic reasons such as saving the material of the pressure guiding tube, the transmitter is often installed in a site with relatively poor working conditions. In order to minimize the harshness of the working conditions of the pressure transmitter UPB9, the transmitter should be installed in a place where the temperature gradient and temperature change are small, without shock and vibration.

Installation location analysis:

The installation position of the pressure transmitter on the process pipeline is related to the measured medium. Attention should be paid to the following situations during installation:

1. Try to avoid direct contact between the transmitter and corrosive or overheated measured medium.

2. It is necessary to prevent scum from depositing in the pressure guiding pipe.

3. The pressure guiding tube should be as short as possible.

4. The pressure of the liquid column in the pressure guiding tubes on both sides should be balanced.

5. The pressure guiding pipe should be installed in a place with small temperature gradient and temperature fluctuation.

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