Daily maintenance and maintenance of pressure transmitter

- Nov 06, 2020-

1. Perform sanitary cleaning once a week to keep the transmitter and its accessories clean;

2. Check once a week for leaks in the pressure-taking pipeline and valve joints. If there is any leakage, deal with it as soon as possible.

3. Monthly check the pressure transmitter UPB13 parts to make sure they are intact, no serious corrosion or damage; the nameplate and identification are clear and correct; the fasteners must not be loose, the connectors are in good contact, and the terminal wiring is firm;

4. Check the on-site measurement circuit once a month, including whether the input and output circuits are intact, whether the circuit is disconnected, short-circuited, and whether the insulation is reliable.

5. Check the accuracy of the zero point and display value of the meter every month to make sure the zero point and display value of the pressure transmitterUPB9 are accurate and correct.

6. Perform regular calibration according to the transmitter calibration cycle.

7. Periodically drain, or vent the transmitter,

8. Transmitters with isolation fluid in the source pipeline or measuring element are regularly filled with isolation fluid.

9. Regularly purge the pressure guiding tube of the easy-blocking medium.

10. When the transmitter is disabled for a long time, the door should be closed.

11.When the pressure transmitterUPB1 is used, its shell must be well grounded. The transmitter used to protect the system shall have measures to prevent power failure, short circuit, or output open circuit.

12. In the winter season, check that the instrument's source pipeline is well insulated and heat tracing, so as to prevent the source pipeline or the transmitter measuring element from being damaged by freezing.

For details, please contact Qi Huang