Composition of temperature transmitter

- Sep 23, 2020-

The temperature transmitter UTB3 is an ultra-small temperature detection instrument. It is mainly composed of temperature sensor (thermocouple or thermal resistance) and temperature transmitter module, including ordinary and explosion-proof temperature transmitter.

The temperature transmitter is a combination of temperature sensor and transmitter. In a very simple way, the temperature signal in the range of -200~+500℃ is converted into a two-wire 4~20mADC electrical signal and transmitted to the display instrument, like regulators, recorders, DCS, etc. to achieve accurate temperature measurement and control.

The temperature transmitter UTB9 generally consists of a temperature probe (thermocouple or thermal resistance sensor) and a two-wire solid electronic unit. Using solid module form, the temperature measuring probe is directly installed in the junction box to form a transmitter.

The main feature of temperature transmitter is the integration of sensor and transmitter.

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