What Are the Advantages of Level Transmitters?

- May 31, 2019-

1. Easy to install, easy to use, and interchangeable.

2. It is suitable for the measurement of the liquid level and interface of the liquid medium in the container. In addition to on-site instructions, the level transmitter ULB6 can also be equipped with remote transmitters, alarm switches and detection functions.

3. The indications are novel, the readings are intuitive and eye-catching.

4. The measuring range is large and is not limited by the height of the tank.

5. The indicating mechanism is completely isolated from the measured medium, good sealing performance, high reliability and safe use.

6. The level transmitter has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, convenient maintenance, corrosion resistance, and explosion proof.

7. High sensitivity and fast response, accurately reflecting subtle changes in the flow or static liquid level, and has high measurement accuracy.

8. With intrinsic safety explosion-proof and flame-proof capability, the level sensor can be applied to various hazardous places.

9. An anti-blocking design allows for the measurement of the level of thick and viscous medium.

10. Has LED, LCD indicator heads, on-site reading is very convenient.

11. 4-20mA two-wire signal transmission, strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance.

12. Fine and unique zero, full range, non-linear compensation, to ensure the accuracy of the liquid level sensor within the scope of use conditions, long-term stability.

13. The pressure sensor directly senses the level pressure of the liquid level transmitter ULB16 and is not affected by the foaming or deposition of the medium.

14. It can measure oil, water and other liquids that are compatible with 316 stainless steel.

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