Xi'an UTOP Measurement Instrument Co.,Ltd

Xi'an UTOP MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise that engaged in the sensor R&D, design, production, sales, customized service, and technically cooperating. Our company is located in Xi'an, one of the three important sensor industrial bases, where is rich in convenient transportation, R&D country based strength, production ability and humanely exporting supporting service. Our products are not only sold as the best seller and high-reputation products in the...

Hot Products

    • Pt100 Temperature Sensor

      Pt100 Temperature Sensor

      ◆ Use full metal sealed construction coordinate high temperature radiation trough.
      ◆ Integrated construction, easy installation.
      ◆ High accuracy low power consumption wide operating ambient temperature range.
      ◆ Use Pt100 or other thermal resistors as sensing element.

    • Pressure Transmitter with PG7 Connector

      Pressure Transmitter with PG7 Connector

      ★ Wide measuring pressure range:-1...0~0.1...1000bar.
      ★ Strong anti-jamming.
      ★ High cost performance, highly cost-effective.
      ★ Full digital circuit, good performance.